Complex automation of your business and online sales

based on CRM BITRIX24

FAST - from 7 days!
RELIABLE - more than 10 years at the market!
RESPONSIBLE - big business trusts us!

All you need for effective work:



Sell more using end-to-end analytics!
  • Track best sale channels
  • Quick order. Add order forms.
  • end-to-end analytics. check client journey before purchase.
  • convenient sale in chat.
    sell and get paid right in the chat.


Interact with the client effectively!

  • SAVE YOUR clients.
    CRM will register all clients and their activities.
  • all history of messaging with client in one place.
  • convenient deal holding.
    all deals and leads as kanban cards on the board.
  • work with email inside Crm.


Work with contacts without loosing any information!

  • modern telephony.
    all cals saved inside crm.
  • build contact HIERARCHY  by adding them to one of the company.
  • all actions (contacts, deals, leads) are saved in history.
  • convenient work with client database, tune filters and segment contacts.


Control indicators and metrics!

  • analytical reports by clients, deals, companies.
  • web-site/internet-shop integration.
  • END-TO-END ANALYTICS. you will understand which ad is effective and know its ROI.
  • Integration with 1С:enterprise. be aware of invoices, shipments, etc.





Below are prices for all Bitrix24 Cloud plans per month.

On-premise PLANS

BITRIX24 On-premise

Below are prices for all Bitrix24 On-premise plans. On-premise version include all possibilities of cloud plan and more.

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free (cloud)

100% free

Necessary minimum to start work. Unlimited number of users.

Basic (cloud)

USD 49/mo

Optimal solution to organize sales department

Standart (cloud)

USD 99/mo

Most frequently chosen to organize work of whole team

Professional (cloud)

USD 199/mo
Maximum possibilities for whole team

Business Edition 50 On-premise

USD 2,990

50 users + Extranet, eCommerce-platform

Business Edition100 On-premise

USD 4,990

100 users, + Extranet, eCommerce-platform

Business Edition 250 On-premise

USD 8,990
250 users, + Extranet, eCommerce-platform

Business Edition 500 On-premise

USD 14,990

500 users, + Extranet, eCommerce-platform

enterprise Edition 1000 On-premise

USD 24,990
1000 users, + Extranet, eCommerce-platform

enterprise Edition 5000 On-premise

USD 44,990
5000+ users + Extranet, eCommerce-platform, Multi-departments, Web-cluster

VIP support 24/7

CAN NOT CHOOSE WHICH BITRIX24 PLAN SUITS YOUR COMPANY?     (on-line consultation for free)

Make your business remote and effective!

1. Consultation

2. Choose optimal plan

3. CRM implementation and training your sales department

4. Setting up all necessary services

5. Support and consultation on effective usage of BITRIX24 services

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Free online consultation about remote office work

bitrix24 implementation

bitrix24 implementation types

Terms of implementation from 3 days

express setup

from 1000 usd

  • Setting up base functionality in short terms  (from 3 days) help with upgrade of customer engagement process
  • Company structure creation and setting up access rights
  • Setting up cards and entities statuses
  • Creation of website widgets, connection of open lines, setting up calls routing.
  • Data import from other systems into CRM entities

COMPLEX implementation

from 2000 usd

  • Step-by-step implementation of Bitrix24. We will set up CRM, help to optimize internal business processes in your company. Additionally to Express setup:
  • Automation of work with client. Set up robots and entities statuses. Business processes and reports. Set up end to end analytics
  • SMS sending out service set up
  • Employees emails addition 
  • Employees training

project implementation

from 5000 usd

  • Complex implementation of Bitrix24 for large company. Free project inspection, technical specification, solution tuning for your business needs. Additionally to Complex implementation:
  • Audit, requirements gathering and targets for implementation, description of work scenarios.
  • Installation of function extension modules, integration with other accounting systems
  • Consultation support
  • Technical support

Free online consultation to implement Bitrix24

our pro


- Implemented more than 100 corporate portals BITRIX24 and CRM systems during 10 years !

- More than 200 E-COMMERCE PROJECTS created during 10 years!

- More than  20 THOUSANDS customers in created projects each month!

- More than 1 MILLION VISITORS in created projects each month!


implementation stages

complex implementation CRM bitrix24

Terms of complex implementation from 10 working days 10. Express set up from 3 days and CRM is ready for work with base functionality.


⦁ interview managing director and employees;
⦁ inspect order channels, system of requests receipt and processing, describing key stages of sales;
⦁ developing visual system of sales  with your approval.

2. system setup:

⦁ general tuning of portal;
⦁ connection of communication channels;
⦁ development of individual solutions;
⦁ integration with external services;
⦁ setting sales funnel in CRM, access rights, user fields, invoice details, reports, email templates, documents.

3.Test system:

⦁ invitation to the system and training employees to work with CRM;
⦁ analysis and correction of funnel bottlenecks;
⦁ conducting working groups,  explore and resolve all questions and errors concerning CRM;
⦁ system commission.

4. Training:

⦁ invitation to the system and training employees to work with CRM;
⦁ checking knowledge.

5. Maintenance:

⦁ checking correctness of CRM usage, conducting weekly meetings with sales team.

6. Support:

⦁ Technical support about system functionality and questions raised: Mon-Fri from 9:00 till 18:00.

Free Online consultation on CRM implementation

Bitrix24 in a Nutshell: Facts and Features

Bitrix24 — is a full set of tools, which help business to adapt for present conditions, launch digital sales and successfully fork remotely.

Free presentation of possibilities

Wу will carry out individual presentation of Bitrix24 possibilities online with previous discussion of your business needs!

operative support is important after bitrix24 implementation

support of bitrix24 after implementation

What do you getafter implementing Bitrix24 in your company? Who will support your portal and CRM? Who will be answering queastions from your customers?



Qualified team of in-house specialists


Support experience more than 3 years


Convenient system of goal setting and transparent report system


Presence of priorities system and prompt resolve of critical tasks


Flexible system of works planning inside the team

dedicated project manager

Experienced managers will help to find optimal solution of clients goals

You already have Bitrix24 and need operative support? You are not satisfied with current support?


bitrix24 is implemented in companies:

bitrix24 carries out certification of partners


Free online consultation for Bitrix24 deployment

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